Workout while you sleep: isometric training with mySheepi

Did you know that you can strengthen your muscles with mySheepi while you sleep?

In this article we will explain isometric training to you and show you how you can easily train your neck while you sleep with your mySheepi.


What is isometric training?

Our muscles work in three different ways:

Isometrisches Training


Concentric contractions are those movements where a weight is actively lifted and moved against gravity.


Eccentric contractions are those movements where a weight is slowly lowered down and moved in the direction of gravity.


In contrast to the above movements, isometric contractions occur when a weight is held for a period of time in a stable position. Isometric training helps to increase strength and minimize damage to the muscles.


That's why isometric training is good for your health

Are you too often plagued by tiredness, a lack of energy or even neck and back pain in the morning? You are not alone, as current studies have found: the majority of German citizens regularly suffer from one or more neck related symptoms.



How do these complaints arise?

This can usually be traced back to overstressed muscles in the neck and neck area. Interestingly enough, an overload of the entire neck and related muscles results largely from everyday movements and holding positions, such as sitting at a desk for a long time or looking down at the smartphone. The pure muscle tension in the neck and neck area alone is uncomfortable. In addition, the tension can also exert pressure on the nerve roots emerging from the spine, which then become more and more irritated. The compression of certain nerves can cause limbs to „fall asleep“. It can also cause malfunctions in related limbs .

Weak musculature in the neck and neck area is stressed much faster than a trained one. 

With isometric training on your mySheepi you can activate and strengthen the muscles in your neck and neck area so that you can better withstand the stresses of everyday life. Strengthened neck muscles can counteract your tension and the resulting pain.


This is how mySheepi trains your muscles

mySheepi is designed in such a way that your cervical spine is ergonomically positioned and your neck and neck area is gently supported at night. The space between the mattress and your neck is filled by the neck roll that is adapted to your anatomy. The neck roll, together with the other chambers of the pillow, ensures an even distribution of pressure on the sensitive cervical spine area. Depending on whether the neck roll points up towards the ceiling or down towards the mattress, more or less pressure is exerted on your cervical spine area.

Rotating the cushion changes the distribution of support. The alternation of intended tension and relaxation of the deep flexor and extensor muscles trains them, which can reduce muscle stress!

So in order to “work out” with your mySheepi while sleeping and thereby promoting your nightly regeneration, we recommend that you simply turn over your mySheepi every three nights. Repeat the cycle as often as you like. We advise you to do it at least twice initially.

Isometric training can only work under certain conditions.

We ask you to adhere to these recommendations to ensure that the training does not have a negative effect on your well-being! After all, we want to guarantee you the best possible sleeping experience.

The neck roll should always remain flexible!

The integrated neck roll of your mySheepis fills the space between the mattress and the neck so that your neck is supported in an anatomically correct position. The mobility of the neck roll is necessary as it provides optimal support, even with restless sleep or an increased amount of movements at night.

This means that if you push yourself a few centimeters towards the head or foot end of the bed or turn left and right at night, the movable, flexible neck roll can move along with you and subsequently maintain all its supporting functions. Since this is essential for isometric training, always make sure to equip the pillow with the right filling material for you.

Don't sleep on any zippers or seams!

You have probably noticed that the seams for adjusting the filling material of your mySheepi are placed pointing inwards, so that your neck is never directly on them. This is important because the neck roll, especially when pointing towards the ceiling, triggers a certain pressure on your neck and neck area, including the sensitive atlas region. Seams and zippers can cause pressure points in this position, which in turn cause an uneven distribution of pressure in the neck and neck area and can irritate the nerve roots emerging from the spine. 

Always make sure that you pull your pillowcase onto your mySheepi in such a way that all seams and zippers point towards the top of the pillow, away from the neck roll.

Some of our customers feel they have noticed that they are not really benefiting from their mySheepi because they have used their own pillowcase. Nevertheless, you can use your own cover, but remember to make sure that your neck roll stays flexible and that you don’t sleep on the zippers, seams or folds.


We have developed a special pillowcase for our mySheepi HOME pillows. It is designed according to the unique shape of mySheepi.

The generous, sewn-in fold of fabric of the mySheepi HOME cover ensures an optimal fit without restricting the freedom of movement of your neck roll.

It supports the functionality of the pillow and also provides hygienic protection and cozy comfort.

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